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F.A.Q About Bariatric Treatments

What are the methods for bariatric surgery?

There are variant bariatric surgical (minimally invasivelaparoscopic) and non-surgical procedures that are popular Worldwide and in Turkey. We mention gastric sleevegastric bypassGastric balloonSwallowable balloonGastric injection and diabetic surgeries (such as transit bipartition). 

You can always get a surgeon consultation to know the best treatment plan that enables you to reach your target weight. ??????

Is there any pain after the surgery?

For the gastric sleeve and gastric bypass procedures, patients spend 6-7 days in total here in Turkey. After they get their fit to fly form and travel back, they are advised to have an extra 3-4 days to rest. They can return to the workplace in around ten days if the work isn't heavy labour. As for the pain, only the first night is considered painful; however, with the painkillers and following the guidelines and instructions, that pain is tolerable. In the following days, the patient will get better day after day. 

When can I start exercising after the surgery?

Right after surgery – the short answer is your exercise routine will start right away, and before you leave the recovery room, the medical team will have you up and walking around. 

Directly after the surgery, it is recommended to avoid carrying heavy objects; however, walking from 15 min to 30 min daily.

After 2-4 weeks, your exercise routine will begin to include light flexibility exercises and stretching such as shoulder rolls, arm rotations, hamstring stretches, etc. You will start to lengthen your walks.

When the patient reaches 5-6 weeks, her body continues to strengthen and heal, so it is time to incorporate some cardio. Under the doctor's care, you should begin exercising at least 5 days a week for 30 minutes a day.

Am I going to have loose skin after the surgery?

This depends on the patient’s tissue quality, BMI ratio and whether they exercise after the operation. 

This is why after the surgery, it is recommended to follow the diet plan and exercise plan as mentioned by the dietitian. That will allow the patient to lose weight properly and prevent the patient from having loose skin after the procedure.

If the patient has problems with excess skin, post-op surgeries are advised, which are plastic surgeries that will give the patient the opportunity to get rid of the saggy skin and get a firmer look. However, plastic surgeries are advised after the weight loss process and after the weight gets stable, after one year.

Does the stomach reach its former size after the surgery?

Suppose you are thinking of the possibility of having your stomach big again after the surgery and starting to gain weight. As a result, You should know that the stomach has some elasticity so that it might expand to a certain extent through time. However, it can never return to its former size. To prevent weight gain in the future is best to avoid carbonated drinks and high-calorie intakes. It is also crucial to separate liquid and solid food while eating, not exceed the portions, and follow other guidelines.

Is it possible to lose too much weight and become underweight after the surgery?

Candidates, especially those with a BMI of 30, might be concerned about losing too much weight and being underweight after the surgery. What is essential to know is that weight loss does not continue at the same pace forever. However, it starts to slow down naturally a few months after reaching the target weight. Then with the help of a flexible diet plan can maintain the target weight.

When does weight loss start after a gastric sleeve?

Most people who undertake the surgery are thrilled to start their weight loss journey that starts just directly after the surgery. This weight loss continues for the following 18-24 months until they reach the target weight they desire. Having a personalized diet plan and a dietitian follow-up ensure that results are achieved within the shortest time frame possible

Am I a suitable candidate for bariatric surgeries and procedures?

Lots of people considering bariatric surgery in Turkey wonder whether they are a good candidate for it or not. Are they eligible for the gastric sleeve? Or other treatments? These are the questions that pop into their mind. 

People who have tried to lose weight by dieting and doing exercises for a long time failed to get any results, as, for the minimal invasive solutions, those whose BMI is over 30 may be suitable for them.

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