Hair Transplant

Average Length of Stay
2 - 3 nights
Length of Stay in Hospital
0 nights
Operation Duration
6 - 8 hours
Local Anesthesia
Recovery Duration
2 - 3 weeks

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 Hair transplant in Turkey is a surgical operation used to provide long-term comfort to patients who endure hair loss due to genetics, dietary issues, health issues, or other factors.

      The issue of hair loss, which is brought on by several health and hereditary factors, is resolved with this procedure.

     Hair is crucial to both health and looks, and hair transplant in Turkey can give you a more natural look. It should be carried out in a hospital setting by qualified doctors because it is a surgical treatment.


Hair Transplant in Turkey Procedures


For many years, there hasn’t been a permanent cure for hair loss.


      The hair transplant in Turkey procedure has, however, produced a natural and long-lasting reaction as a consequence of advances in science and technology.

      This process is simple and a straightforward kind of therapy.

      Transferring roots from the location that is resistant to shedding to the area where hair loss has become apparent is how this treatment approach is carried out.

      The neck region is often where roots are removed. The DHT hormone is present in the hair on the nape, which is why roots are taken from this region.  Rejection is not an issue because hair transplant uses the patient’s own hair follicles.


Who Is Suitable For Hair Transplant In Turkey?


Not everyone can benefit from hair transplant in Turkey, which is considered as the only effective treatment for hair loss for a variety of reasons.


      Before beginning this therapy, specialists do tests. The subject is examined for any potential dangers. This therapy should not be taken into consideration if there is a danger.

     The results of the tests provide information on the health of the hair. A second session is carried out or the operation is abandoned if the donor region does not correspond to the area where hair loss occurs.


Except for infants and elderly patients, everyone can undergo this procedure. For those whose test results were negative, there are several ways to improve.


How Hair Transplant In Turkey Works In General?


When the patient comes for the procedure, he should wear clothes that are easy to put on and take off. If you don’t, the hair follicles can get hurt.


      Before the procedure, you should not drink any alcohol. The doctor should tell you how long your hair should be. The person should also eat something before the procedure.


During hair transplant, many people work at the same time because speed is important. During the process, hair follicles are taken from the donor area without hurting the skin.


      The operator then goes back and gets these roots. Most of these roots, which are called grafts, have two or three hairs on them. It’s important that the grooves made in the area where hair loss happens are the right size and depth.

     They must fit perfectly with the new hair roots. Also, the grooves should be set up correctly to make sure they look natural and good. This makes things work better.

      In the last step of the process, the hair follicles that have been removed are put one by one into the grooves that have been opened to the right size. After these steps, the procedure is done.


Is Hair Transplant in Turkey Right for You? What to Think About First?


Due to health issues, improper hair care, or hereditary factors, there are numerous factors that should be taken into account before hair transplant procedure.


      •Drinking alcohol before the surgery is prohibited.

      •Anticoagulants must be stopped under a doctor’s guidance.

      •Applying chemical products is not advised. Use of chemicals like jelly and spray is not advised.

      •The patient should without a doubt let his doctor know if he has a medical condition or is taking medicine.

     •To prevent injuring the hair follicles, you should arrive for the procedure with clean, comfortable clothes that you can easily put on and take off.

      •Smoking should be avoided for some time before to the surgery as it might have a detrimental impact on the therapy. Avoid smoking for at least a week before to the surgery.

     •It is advised to eat before beginning the process. You can eat a little snack before your operation if it is scheduled for later in the day or in the afternoon.

     •Coffee and other caffeinated beverages must be avoided up to the day of the surgery.

     •About a week beforehand, avoid vitamins B and E since they promote blood flow.

     •Following this operation, it is not advised to drive for six hours. If you’re driving, you need a passenger to drive with you.


All patients who follow these suggestions are immediately started on the process. Up to nine hours may be added to the processing time.


The patient may be released once the surgery is finished. But he must be careful to safeguard himself.



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