Gastric Balloon

Average Length of Stay
3 Days - 2 Nights
Length of Stay in Hospital
0 Nights
Operation Duration
25 min
Recovery Duration
1 Day

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A silicone balloon that is filled with saline and placed inside the stomach serves as the primary component of the gastric balloon weight reduction treatment. This inflatable is an essential part of the process that will be carried out. This makes it easier for you to lose weight because it reduces the amount of food that you are able to consume and accelerates the rate at which you feel satisfied after consuming. As a result, you will be able to consume less food and therefore lose weight more quickly.

If you are concerned about your current weight and have attempted to reduce it in the past by modifying your eating habits and ramping up the amount of physical activity you do without any success, the gastric balloon procedure might be an option worth considering for you.

If you follow these instructions, you will be able to cut down on the quantity of food you eat while still experiencing a sense of fullness for a more extended period of time. The insertion of an intragastric balloon will, in the vast majority of patients, bring about a substantial cutback in the quantity of food that is consumed throughout the course of each meal. By cutting back on the quantity of food you consume at each meal, you will be able to get closer to achieving your long-term weight loss goals.


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