People living in nations like the USA, where healthcare can be expensive, prefer the national healthcare system in Turkey. Apart from the USA, patients from many countries prefer healthcare in Turkey, even though the national healthcare system is free. This is due to the long waiting times for treatment in EU countries and especially in the UK health system. But the quality of health care in Turkey is the same as in EU countries, and the prices are very reasonable. This is what has sparked an increase in what is known as "health tourism." It simply refers to individuals who travel abroad to acquire medical care. For these reasons, people visit a wide range of nations. Today, though, Turkey will be the focus of our attention.

Istanbul is about four hours by plane from one of London's airports. It is a bridge between Europe and the Middle East. Each year, thousands of British patients visit destinations like Istanbul, Antalya, and Marmaris for vacation, but an equal number go there only for healthcare in Turkey. Due to its location, it is also one of the most accessible nations for citizens of the Middle East, Asia, and more than two dozen other adjacent nations, including Western Europe. An industry representative for healthcare in Turkey's industry claimed that over 1 million people travelled there as health tourists in 2018. This brought in revenue last year of around $1.18 billion. In fact, the sector has become so financially beneficial to the nation that Turkish Airlines, the national carrier, will even give you a discount on your airfare to Turkey if you're going there for medical reasons. Additionally, Turkey offers a very high degree of post-operative care, which includes transportation to and from the airport. At Mita Health Group, we offer our patients affordable packages that include accommodation and the cost of surgery. You can benefit from these packages by contacting our team. If you want to have a general idea about the prices, you can find our packages here. Speaking of airports, with the recent opening of the new airport in Istanbul, travellers from more than 40 nations, including the UK, will find that healthcare in Turkey is now only a four-hour flight away. Millions of people who are in desperate need of healthcare will now have access to it, assisting in the sector's growth. Turkey's availability of geothermal springs, which are known for their therapeutic properties, is a significant reason for the country's healthcare industry's appeal. However, the historical texture of Turkey, especially Istanbul, is preferred by tourists. Healthcare in Turkey is advantageous for foreign patients both in terms of location and tourism. In fact, it ranks among the top seven nations in the world and is the most popular option in all of Europe for these pools. But this isn't the only factor; they also have an unexpectedly large number of licenced hospitals with specialisations in things like:

  • Ophthalmic
  • Odontography
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Cardiology
  • Transplantation


Even prestigious relationships with nations like the John Hopkins Institute and the Medical Center of Harvard have been forged by some of the most accomplished hospitals. Healthcare in Turkey includes hospitals that are affiliated with John Hopkins. So you can be safe by choosing healthcare in Turkey for your treatment. This is the formula for success that has contributed to the increase in popularity. They have some of the best springs, the best doctors, and an affordable price. These costs may be less expensive than comparable costs for private healthcare services in this country. If you needed knee replacement surgery, for instance, it would cost $10,806 (according to healthcare insurance), but if you went to Turkey, it would only cost you £3,960! Even without accounting for checkup expenses, additional tests, or annual memberships, that is a sizable savings. Another benefit for us Brits when it comes to healthcare in Turkey is that the waiting times are dramatically lower than over here. It’s all too common for us to hear of someone we know having to wait 6 months for a crucial operation, whereas if you were going to Turkey, you’d find on average that it would be less than a month and more towards a fortnight that you’d be waiting for. This is critical for people who want or need to have their operation completed as soon as possible. Istanbul, Antalya, and the nation's capital, Ankara, are a few of Turkey's health tourism attractions; most visitors opt to travel during the summer months when the country's northern regions are less crowded. Healthcare in Turkey and the health tourism sector also have a very bright future, to the extent that the government has included them as a significant component of its 2023 vision plan, a set of objectives they intend to accomplish. They currently come in at number four globally when it comes to medical travel; nevertheless, this isn't good enough for them, and they plan to take first place by 2023. They hope to accomplish this, among other things, by expanding their consumer base to include African nations. There are a few things you'll want to watch out for if you're travelling to Turkey for health reasons. The Mita Health Group team will explain these elements in detail. Contact us now for the treatment you have in mind. Its goal is to raise the standard and safety of patient care. Next, check online for testimonials or reviews from British visitors to determine if they were pleased with the calibre of medical care that was given to them. Additionally, consider their prices to determine whether you'll be receiving good value for your money. You'll have a trustworthy selection of hospitals to select from once you've considered all of these aspects.


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